cbg building

 Our Mission is based on the provisions of the CBG Act 2005. We will therefore work to achieve and maintain price and exchange stability, promote a sound financial system and contribute to the achievement and maintenance of sustainable economic development.

     ♦ We perform our functions independently without fear, favor or
     ♦ We treat colleagues with respect
     ♦ We promote fairness and equity in employment practices
     ♦ We endeavor to be a good corporate citizen

These values will guide the way we carry out the mandate of the Central Bank.

Mission Statement

To Achieve and Maintain Price and Exchange Stability Underpinned by a Sound and Vibrant Financial System to Encourage and Promote Sustainable Economic Development.

Our Vision

We are committed to carrying out our mandate effectively and efficiently with the following results:

 ♦ Achieving the inflation targets as agreed within the framework of the PRGF and WAMZ.

 ♦ Contributing to the development of a strong and sound financial system that will contribute
  effectively to the economic development of The Gambia as envisaged in the country’s Vision
  2020 strategic framework.

 ♦ Ensuring efficient payments systems and maintaining the stability of and confidence in the

 ♦ Strengthening internal controls in foreign currency operations and maximize the returns on
  the external reserves;

 ♦ Contribute to sustainable development of the Gambian economy.

 ♦ Achieve a strong reputation in The Gambia and abroad for sound financial management.

 ♦ Becoming a founding member central bank of the West African Central Bank (WACB).

This will require significant commitment by the staff. Thus the Central Bank will implement policies to make it a good place to work in by providing the technical capacity, training, remuneration and work processes that will attract and maintain the best qualified staff.

Our Values

Our values are based on the following commitments of Board, management and staff:
 ♦ We work with honesty and integrity
 ♦ We ensure transparency in all we do
 ♦ We work efficiently and effectively
 ♦ We make the public interest our primary goal.
 ♦ We shall be accountable to our stakeholders

The legal mandate of the Central bank is derived from the CBG Act 2005. According to the Act, the primary objects of the Central Bank are to:

 ♦ Achieve and maintain price stability.
 ♦ Promote and maintain the stability of the currency of The Gambia
 ♦ Direct and regulate the financial, insurance, banking and currency system in the interest of the
  economic development of The Gambia.
 ♦ Encourage and promote sustainable economic development and the efficient utilization of the
  resources of The Gambia through the effective and efficient operation of a financial system.

In trying to achieve these objectives, the Central Bank should perform the following functions:

 ♦ Formulate and implement monetary policy;
 ♦ Promote the stabilization of the value of the currency;
 ♦ Institute measures that will have a positive effect on the balance of payments, public finances
  and the general development of the economy;
 ♦ Licence, regulate and supervise the financial system;
 ♦ Promote, regulate and supervise payment and settlement systems;
 ♦ Issue and redeem the currency notes and coins of The Gambia
 ♦ Maintain and manage The Gambia’s external reserves;
 ♦ Licence, regulate and supervise non-banking financial institutions;
 ♦ Act as banker and financial adviser to government and guarantee government loans;
 ♦ Promote and maintain relations with international financial institutions;
 ♦ Own, hold and manage official international reserves;
 ♦ Promote safe and sound development of the financial system; and
 ♦ Collect, analyze and publish statistical data.